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Best Rug Cleaning In Atlanta & Surrounding | Advanced Cleaning Systems has been cleaning Oriental & Persian Area Rugs since 1998 | Rug Cleaning Pickup & Delivery | Rug Pet Odor Removal | Fast Turnaround | Professional Rug Cleaners

If you're wondering "How to clean a rug" or searching for "Area Rug Cleaning Near Me",  you've come to the right place.  Rug Cleaning is our specialty.  Click here to see what your neighbors are saying about us!


Don't hand over your Fine Rugs to just any Carpet Cleaner.  Having an area rug properly cleaned is much different than having wall to wall carpet cleaned.  Our area rug cleaning process is thorough & efficient.  We utilize State-Of-The-Art equipment along with old world principles.

Don't attempt to pressure wash your rugs at home.  You likely be unable to dry them properly.  We pick up wet rugs often.  It complicates the rug cleaning process, puts your rug at risk of damage & costs you more than a typical rug cleaning would have.


Since 1998, Advanced Cleaning Systems has been Atlanta's Premier Area Rug Cleaning Company.  We clean rugs from all over the world.  Fill out the contact form to reserve your pick-up or to get a Free Quote - CLICK HERE.


Whether you have Persian Rug Cleaning needs due to pet odors/accidents or an Antique Rug that needs to be cleaned after many years of use, we can help. 


It is important to have your rugs professionally cleaned by an experienced rug cleaner regularly to maintain their appearance, extend their life & preserve their value.


We guarantee complete Odor Removal & take pride in providing a timely turnaround.  To learn more about our rug cleaning pick-up & delivery service - CLICK HERE

Rug Cleaning Atlanta
Rug Cleaning Near Me

Old World Rug Cleaning Principles - Modern Technology

We clean All Types Of Rugs, both natural fiber & synthetic.  We offer rug cleaning in Atlanta & Surrounding Areas.  If you're having your hardwood floors recoated or other work performed in your home, it's a perfect time to have your rugs cleaned.


Here at ADVANCED CLEANING SYSTEMS, we're equipped to safely & effectively clean the finest, most delicate rugs.  We offer Oriental Rug Cleaning, Persian Rug Cleaning, Turkish Rug Cleaning, Wool Rug Cleaning.  We also clean synthetic rugs.  In recent years, Shag Rug Cleaning has become one of our most popular offerings.


We can even clean the most delicate of rugs that most rug cleaners aren't willing to clean.  When cleaning viscose rugs, silk, sisal & jute rugs, special care is necessary.  Viscose rug cleaning has become one of our specialties in recent years as they've become very popular but can be difficult to clean. Jute & Sisal Rug Cleaning has become a specialty service for us as well.

If you have a synthetic rug that you love, we can clean it as well.  Cleaning vs. replacement is a great option.  First of all, you don't have to spend time finding a new rug.  Secondly, it keeps your rug out of the land-fill.  We care about the environment & preserving it for future generations.


We have an extensive service area.  Pickup & Delivery is available in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Marietta, Cumming, Alpharetta & many other cities at no additional charge.  CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FULL SERVICE AREA MAP.

Rug Cleaning Services

Area Rug Cleaning | Oriental Rug Cleaning Atlanta | Persian Rug Cleaning Atlanta | Rug Cleaning Pickup & Delivery | Viscose Rug Cleaning | Wool Rug Cleaning | Rug Pet Odor Removal | Rug Cleaning Near Me - Yes, we come to you!

rug cleaning pick up & delivery van
Free Pick Up & Delivery Rug Cleaning

Free Pick-Up & Delivery:

Our staff will pick-up & deliver your rug in our dedicated Rug Transport Van.  It’s appropriately named the “Rug Runner”. 

We pick-up throughout the entire Atlanta area & North Georgia.  We transport rugs to our facility  & deliver back to you at no additional charge.  Our main service areas are listed.  If your area isn’t listed, please reach out to us.  We'll likely be able to accommodate you. 

We run a weekly pick-up & delivery route throughout our entire service area.  Most rugs are delivered to you a week after being picked up.

rug washing tub
Rug Washing

Full Submersion Rug Washing: 

It’s important to only entrust your rug(s) to knowledgeable & well-equipped rug cleaning & restoration professionals. 

Our large wash floor has 2 separate sections & we're able to simultaneously process several rugs.   It's white coating allows us to see soils, urine & other contaminants leave your rug.

Whether your rugs are synthetic or heirloom quality natural fibers, we are prepared to give them the care they need.

We combine the latest technologies with old world principles to provide an unmatched service product.

You will be absolutely delighted with the results!

Rug Cleaning Pick-Up And Delivery
rugs hanging on drying racs
Area Rug Drying

Rug Drying:

After your rug has been washed, it’s very important to dry it quickly.  Our rug centrifuges are much like your home’s washing machine. They provide a final rinse as your rug spins at a high rate of speed.  The rinse water flows completely through your rug.  Once the water is observed as completely clear, it is shut off.  Your rug is spun for an additional 4 minutes.  It is about 95% dry when it’s removed from the centrifuge. We have 3 centrifuges (2 - 14-footers & a 7-footer), which allows for greater productivity.

Afterwards, your rug is hung or flat dried in our climate-controlled drying room to complete the drying process. 

Most rugs are completely dry in only a few hours.

Once dry, your rug is inspected & delivery or pick-up arrangements are made.

Wet Rug Drying:  If your rugs are wet due to flooding or a burst pipe, give us a call.  We'll pick them up, dry them, clean them & return them to you in a timely manner.  We'll notate the reason for cleaning on your invoice for insurance purposes.

rug pet odor removal
Rug Cleaning Pet Odor Removal

Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal:

Accidents happen. Pet accidents are very common with new & aging pets.  Urine & other organic matter must be treated properly, dissolved & thoroughly rinsed away from your rug’s fibers & foundation. 

The longer organic matter stays on your carpet fibers, the more unstable the dyes will become.  It's important to address this as soon as it's noticed to prevent permanent damage & staining. 


Our complete submersion cleaning method is the most thorough cleaning solution to solve pet urine & odor problems.

It's not recommended to attempt cleaning with store bought high-ph chemicals.

Our 1,000-gallon wash tub, custom built wash floor, proper chemistry & many other tools allow us to safely achieve complete odor removal.

Rug Drying & Pet Odor Removal
fiber protectant on area rug
Rug Fiber Protectant

Fiber Protectant Application:

Fiber protectant is an important option to consider. 

This service protects your area rug against spills, everyday soiling & sun fading. 

We apply a high quality product that evaporates from your rug, leaving behind superior protection without changing the look or feel of your rug(s).

Accidental spills can be simply blotted up when addressed promptly. 


A protected rug not only resists spills but are also protected against sun fading.

moth repellant for area rugs
Rug Moth Damage Treatment

Moth Repellant Application:

An untreated wool rug is an ideal food source for moths.  Application of moth repellant makes your rug an unappealing food source. This service will prevent moths from feeding on your rug. 

rug pad cleaning & replacement
Rug Pad Cleaning & Replacement

Rug Pad Cleaning & Replacement:

Having a proper rug pad not only protects your rug from premature wear.  It also protects your floor & keeps your rug in place.


We can provide you with an appropriate custom-cut rug pad, specific to your rug & it’s location in your home.

In most cases, your existing rug pad can be cleaned.  It's often more cost effective than replacement.

rug storage
Area Rug Storage

Rug Storage:

Not quite ready to put your rug(s) back on the floor?  No problem! 

We can safely store your rug(s) in our clean & climate-controlled environment.

We can also wrap your rug(s) for storage at your home.

Rug Cleaning Pick Up & Delivery Service Area List

Main Service Areas: (Cities)

Counties Served:

  • Bartow County, GA

  • Chattooga County, GA

  • Cherokee County, GA

  • Cobb County, GA

  • Floyd County, GA

  • Forsyth County, GA

  • Fulton County, GA

  • Gordon County, GA

  • Gwinnett County, GA

  • Polk County, GA

  • Surrounding Areas (Please Call)

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